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National Hazing Prevention Week, September 23-27, is an annual initiative organized by Hazing Prevention.org, for the purpose of bringing attention to the problem of hazing via awareness and I am one fliereducation with the hope of going beyond just recognizing hazing to preventing it from happening.

Spearheaded by the National Vice President for Intake and Expansion, the national board of Theta Nu Xi created the “}i{ am ΘΝΞ” campaign to educate ourselves and others on how to recognize and prevent hazing. Chapters and individual sisters have been encouraged to hold educational workshops about the portrayal and dangers of hazing, and to gain an understanding of hazing policies on their campus and within their communities. The initiative launches today to coincide with the start of National Hazing Prevention Week.

The }i{ am ΘΝΞ campaign advances three core positions:

  • When it comes to hazing prevention, all it takes is one member to make a difference;
  • There is a distinct line between acts of hazing and acts of sisterhood, and;
  • All of our personal actions represent Theta Nu Xi.

The third position statement is a reminder to each sister that she can prevent hazing; that she must be that line that distinguishes the difference between a positive experience and a negative experience; and she will exemplify the Sorority’s core beliefs.

The }i{ am ΘΝΞ campaign is the first national event under the 2013-2014 annual theme and we are excited to witness how the Sorority comes together in promotion of social change this year. Despite National Hazing Prevention week only lasting 5 days, it is a solid foundation for sisters and the organization to build upon for years to come.

For more information on the}i{ am ΘΝΞ” campaign please contact Shauma Brown, our National Vice President for Intake and Expansion at national.vpie@thetanuxi.org. For more information on our 2013-2014 annual theme, please contact Stephanie Chavez at national.vpma@thetanuxi.org.

Shauma Brown, Theta Nu Xi

Shauma Brown is the National Vice President for Intake and Expansion and a Psi Chapter alumna (Spring 2008).

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